Monday, September 7, 2015

Nifty moves down to lower scale 15½ x

Today's(7th Sept 2015) Nifty daily average is 7625 and it's in the lower scale 15½x ie. 3968 - 7936 scale. Nifty Open, High, low & close was 7685.85,7705.05,7545.90 & 7558.80 respectively. Nifty futures range was 7726 - 7560, having a difference of 166 points. Stages below 7936 are 7872 - 7812 - 7728 - 7688 - 7616 - 7564 - 7472 - 7440 - 7367 - 7293 - 7146 ..............etc. Scale shown left side will be updated in due course and for the time being figures can be arrived at by dividing the current figures by two.
The Tharanga Nisari School of Music is founded by Dr. K.J. Yesudas, the singing legend, in 1975 at Thiruvananthapuram. Nandi did wonder why he selected "Nisari", the mid points of two scales. After closely observing the movements of Nifty during the last several years Nandi found that only the singing legend who knows the intricacies of music can give such a name. It is seen that Nifty do not make a sudden stop at "Sa" and ordinarily move to next swara "Ri" or "Ni" ie. Ni Sa Ri or Ri Sa Ni. In it's up move Nifty moved past S(Shadjam) and entered R(Rishabham) ie. closing at 7936(Shadjam) on 27-Aug-14, Nifty further advanced to 8200 - 9223 range(Nifty high was 9119 on 4-Mar-15). Similarly, Nifty has now entered the N(Nishadam) range (6921 - 7146 - 7293 - 7440 - 7688). It's felt that Nifty may terminate the present down movement some where in this area.


Niftybaba said...

Dear Nandi, in your previous posts u mentioned mercury retrograde and markets falling,please remember mercury is retrograde in its own house which is not negative as per astro? your comments on this.

Nandi said...

Dear Niftybaba,
As you may be aware, Nandi do not know any astrology and hence does not make comments based on traditional astrology. What he says is based on his personal observations for the last several years and do not claim cent percent accuracy. If forthcoming retrograde is different since retrograde is in mercury's own house, let us see and make a note of it.

Niftybaba said...