Monday, August 24, 2015

Nifty @ centre of Shadjam (7936) after biggest fall

Today(24th August 2015) is another Black Monday that eroded Nifty 531 points, its biggest intra-day fall since October, 2008. Nifty opened at 8055.95, slid to 7769.40 and closed at 7809.00 with a loss of 491 points. Nifty futures range was 8074 - 7771, a difference of 303 points. Considering Nifty futures closing on Friday at 8306.35, the loss is 535 points. Nifty daily average is 7915, at centre of Shadjam (7936). This was anticipated from May 2015 onwards and it happened in August as in 2009. Please go through the post dated Sunday, April 19, 2015

From here(centre of Shadjam ie.7936) Nifty can bounce back or continue its downward journey. Now chances are for a bounce back. At this time last year, on 27-Aug-14 Nifty closing was at 7936. Nifty took seven months to climb to 9119 (4-Mar-15) and took just five months to fall down to 7769. Expect a bigger fall in 2016 when Jupitor goes retrograde. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 8037. Never hold longs when Nifty is under Agni.


Niftybaba said...

Dear Nanadi,
Can u tell me about the astro combinations this week.Any positive or negatives for the week.

baljath mangalath said...

sorry sir for posting only intention in posting comments is to help retail investors. henceforth i wont post any comments

Nandi said...

@ Dear Baljath,
Please take it on positive and post your comments with reasoning. You might have noted that all your comments had not been published and what ever published was correct. That type of filtering may not be possible always. So, ensure yourself with your reasoning(what ever it may be - remember Nandi had given blossoming of a flower as a reason for market fall !) while posting a comment.

@ Dear Niftybaba,
Please see tomorrow's Grahanila post for September.