Friday, November 28, 2014

Nifty closes at 8588, highest in the year 2014

Today(Friday, 28th November, 2014) Nifty opened at 8517 with a gain of 23 points, surged past 8532 and reached 8617 by 12.00 noon and closed at 8588 with a gain of 94 points. Nifty futures range was 8575 - 8668 a difference of 93 points. If daily average moves above 8580 Nifty may move up to the top of R1(8696).


jonak said...

by daily average do u mean Agni level? this figure mentioned in ur blog

Nandi said...

Dear Jonak,
Daily average is the half of high and low. To get it add high and low and divide it by 2. The figuren shown as average in the above chart is that figure. It has nothing to do with Agni level.