Friday, October 31, 2014

Nifty moves to Higher Scale 7936 - 15872

Today(31-10-14) Nifty conclusively moved to higher music scale 7936 - 15872 which is given above. Nifty opened at 8200, climbed up to 8331 and closed at 8322 with a gain of 153 points. Verily, Kaprekar number 5832 also came into play - after crossing 8235 Nifty touched the next figure 8325. Nifty may further move up to 8463, centre of R1.


atain said...

Thanks a lot for our updates.
Does this negate the possibility of breaking down in the previous range at any stage ?

Nandi said...

Dear atain,
From the chart above it can be seen that figures down to 7688 can also be accommodated in this scale. Definitely, that does not mean Nifty will not go below that.

Nandi said...

Today(25-11-14) Nifty closes exactly at the centre of R1 (8463) mentioned on 31st Oct(Friday) post