Friday, March 21, 2014

Nifty stays @ 6526, top of D1

From 10th to 21st March 2014 Nifty remained at top of D1 despite close at 6526 (top of D1) on 7th March, 2014. Nifty daily average & closing never moved to D2 level during this period. Though Nifty close was at 6537.25 (highest closing so far) on 10-Mar-14, daily average was 6524.78 only. Though Nifty average was 6528.55 and 6536.30 on 11th & 18th (both Tuesdays) closing was 6511.90 and 6516.65 respectively. So, waiting to know whether Nifty will move to D2 level or retrace.

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