Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to new stock exchange MCX - SX

A new stock exchange, MCX-SX is born on Saturday the 9th February 2013. It will start breathing from Monday the 11th February 2013. With its 40-stock index named SX40, MCX-SX is the third full-fledged equity bourse after BSE and NSE. Welcome to the new stock exchange that is most modern in technology when compared to the existing BSE and NSE and likely to roll out more customer friendly products. After the setting up of NSE, radical changes have been introduced in trading stocks & derivatives. Hope that the new stock exchange will also add new methods and systems for the improvement of the stock market in India.

The table above shows the trend of Nifty turning to red on 31st January, 2013 the day Nifty closed @6035 below 4DMA( 6054) & EMA10(6048) as described in January 1st, 2013 post. Friday's Nifty low is 5884, near the figure 5888 in the table dated 1-1-13. This week the present down move will be terminated most probably on Monday or Tuesday.


Atharva said...

Dear Nandi,

Good morning. Closing price for Nifty is not correct in above table. Adjusted close is 5903.50 instead you have mentioned 5891..

Please look in to it and rectify the agni level

Thanking you & have a wonderful trading day.

Nandi said...

Dear Atharva,
The Agni levels given in the table are correct. The table was posted on 10-2-13 and at that time closing of Nifty on 11-2-13 is not available and hence put the arbitory figure 5891.80 in the closing column so that trend (C5B)shows green. The rounded off figure 5892 is shown in AGNI column agaist 11th February, 2013.

Hope the confusion is cleared now.