Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Grahanila(Planetary positions) as on 1st Jan 2013

As on 1st January, 2013 Sun & Mercury in Sagitarius, Mars in Capricornus, Ketu in Aries, Jupiter in Taurus, Moon in Cancer, Saturn & Rahu in Libra and Venus in Scorpio. Planetary transits in January 2013 are 4th Venus -> Sagitarius, 14th Sun -> Capricornus, 15th Mercury -> Capricornus, 25th Mars -> Aquarius, and 28th Venus -> Capricornus.
The planetary positions given are at the time of sunrise in India(Kerala) and conjunction effects on markets may be seen on the countries (Asia or Europe or US) over which conjunction take places. It may effect Nifty on that day if the difference is less than 5 degrees and next day otherwise. As per above Nifty may move downwards in the second week ie. 6th to 13th.

Nifty futures trading based on AGNI, 4DMA & EMA10
Daily 4DMA & EMA10 figures will be available from chartink.com.


Atharva said...

Shri Nandi,


Have some doubts on positional trading based on 4DMA & 10 EMA

DO we have to take position next day based on today's closing for for case III : when closed < 4dam and > 10 ema vice versa..

In this case how to hold the trade taken based on AGNI level..if it is Below 4 dma but closing is above AGNI...

Should we consider AGNI levels or those trades should be treated separately?

Thanking you & Best Regards,

Nandi said...

Dear Atharva,
You can hold on the positions taken for day trade and convert it for positional trade whenever Nifty closes between 4DMA & EMA 10. No need to wait for next day.
Positional trades based on 4DMA & EMA 10 is more dependable than AGNI level alone. Hence the modification. If you are confortable with Agni level alone in your experience there is not much harm in continuing it (there is less than 5% chance to have a losing trade).
Wish you a profitable trading year ahead.

BALA said...

Is it possible to publish along with agni levels the 4 dma and EMA 10 levels for the benefit of viewers .Thanks

Nandi said...

Dear Bala,
It is very easy to get 4DMA & EMA 10 from chartlink.com - once you change the default settings to the required moving averages it will be stored and when ever you click that link next time you will get what you required. Seeing the chart will also have a better idea than the mere figures. Further it will reduce dependence on Nandi.

With reqgards

BALA said...

Thanks Nandi Sir, After much effort , I could be able to get the chart saved as per ur guidance. By the by Sir, in the chart link how to get the intra day charts

sid quanto said...

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svkum said...

4dma means 4sma or is it displaced moving avge ? if yes then what are the parameters for displacement?

Nandi said...

yes, 4dma means daily simple moving average for 4 days.