Friday, December 21, 2012

Wish you all a Merry Christmas


Atharva said...

Shri Nandi!!

Seasons Greeting!!

I have noticed that when price gives whipsaw @ agni during intra day and when developing AGNI for next day if calcuated around 15.20-25 is in apposite direction to trad, I have noticed that price fails to close above 5DHEMA..

5dHema is concept taken from Mr. Ilango..If mkt fails to close above Hema then sell on rise..

I suggest if we incorporate this rule alogn with agni will reduce some whipsaw that happens due to gap up or gap down

Will you please comment on same

Thanking you & Best Reagrds

Nandi said...

Dear Atharva,

Nandi do not consider any other factors other than AGNI, 4DMA & EMA10 and as such not in a position to comment any thing on your method. However it is felt that we cannot avoid whipsaws completely what ever SAR we choose. Choose the method what gives you profit in more than 80% trades.

Best wishes and Happy New Year

Atharva said...

Shri Nandi,

Wishing you same.

Thanking you for your reply. I will keep noting this for next one yr or so. It is purely for academic interest

This case may be considered even if it is comfortably closing above 4dma as well as 10 EMA

I am suggesting to keep a track on this. It might help us. It may prove worth noting this fact; way earlier fact/finding of price drifted 120 pts away AGNI noted by you and subsequent price movement on next day..

And one more thing ;do you believe in calculating AGNI for next day around 15.20-25 to check whether trade is in harmony with AGNI levels or lost momentum..

If price has lost momentum then can we hedge the position ..yady is the e.g. I came to know that AGNI level will be above closing price and then market opened with gap down..THis fact I have been noting for last 6 month or so..

On each occasion trade reversal has taken place.

Thanking you for your continued support.

I admire your shear belief in your system and not getting distracted for mkt noises

Warm Regards

Nandi said...

Dear Atharva,
Nandi do not trade tomorrows trade today. Because, during overnight markets perception may change and there can be a huge gap up/down on next morning.
However, when it is felt that Nifty will cross over AGNI level next day, what ever profit available will be booked.
With regards