Thursday, March 29, 2012

Today's Nifty low 5136 is the lowest in March 2012

Today(29-3-12)Nifty closed at 5179 with a loss of 16 points. Nifty and Nifty futures ranges were 5136 - 5194 and 5134 - 5187 respectively. Though volatile due to F&O settlement, Nifty futures high-low difference was just 53 points. Today there was a freak trade at Sgx Nifty in June series @ 4912, which may perhaps an indication that Nifty may slip to 4.9k levels in the months to come. Agni level for tomorrow is at 5149.


jonak said...

thnks Nandi ji....i think tomorrow will be the last day of this correction and we should touch 50% retracement at 5080 ....and I have to tell you that your Freak trade numbers are one of the best information that one can get of future information...among all the numbers that are traded do u catch these ones out...can u provide some more details to me ....

Nandi said...

Dear Jonak,
Freak trades can easily be detected since the figure will not have any relation to the level that are being traded. For example 4912 is less than 250 points from the 29th Nifty level. Please check SGXNIFTY site in the evening so that you know the figures. Next day last days figures won't be there.
Nifty low limited to low of M1(5123) for March. On March 16th comments it was said that 5000 is not intended for this month.