Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap day the 29th February, 2012 Nifty @ 5385

Today(29-2-12)Nifty closed at 5385 with a gain of 9 points. Nifty and Nifty futures range were 5352 - 5459 and 5399 - 5516. Agni level for tomorrow is at 5270.


jonak said...

we had freak trades on 2 occcasions...righ t..last year..and on both the times the FREAK number was 10 minute charts...HnS pattern...bearish 5 hour chart..HUge premium...lessening bull power...We can expect Nifty 5238 ...soon right ....before going up

Tekkie Suresh said...

Dear Bala Sir,
We have two critical Astro formations coming up in the weekend. Venus opp Saturn and Sun opp Mars.The markets could fall towards the Astro formations. How do you reconcile with the low levels of AGNI supports then?


Vinay said...

what i meant was whether one should buy at/near agni level with SL just below it.

In addition, is there a conjuction of jupiter, venus and moon coming soon?

also, how does one edit a comment already posted?

jonak said...

one more thing ...AGNI levels are on the low we should atleast wait till Nifty is near the Agni level before going LONG...right ???

Nandi said...

Dear Jonak,
Expect 5238 by next week.

Dear Suresh,
Full Moon is on 8th March and Moon conjuncts with retrograde Mars on that day. So, expect a powerful down move. By that time Agni level will be moving above Nifty and giving a sell signal.
Have you seen an article in the last page of Business Line on 27th Feb ? That day Nifty lost 148 points. Such incidents earlier is the basis of Nandi's astro-logical comments. Nandi didn't study astrology.

Dear Vinay,
Yes, go long when Nifty is above & within 20 points from Agni level. Same way go short when Nifty is below & less than 20 points from Agni level. It prevents huge losses when there were whipsaws.
Moon,Venus& Jupiter conjunction is on March 26th.
You cannot edit. Just post the correction below so that Nandi can edit it before publishing.