Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nifty outlook for 2012

Happy New Year to all and Happy trading also. Whether 2012 will be a better year is the question in minds of all investors and traders. Two relevant posts given earlier is reproduced below which is valid in the year 2012 also.
Based on the factors mentioned therein, there are two possibilities:

A. Nifty may move down to 3968 and start its up move from April-May 2012 (Edavam ie. Taurus), on completion of 9 year period (half of Rahu's cycle or Rahu reaches where Ketu was 9 years ago). Incidentally half of Rahu's presence( 18 months in one Rasi) in Scorpio will be over by that time.
Nifty at Shadjam from 2003: 2-Apr-03 -> 993, 15-Apr-05 -> 1987, 16-Apr-07 -> 3968,
18-May-09 -> 3968 Non-Stop (Low 3673; High 4384) as Manmohan Sigh forms UPA govt,
13-Jul-09 -> 3961. In 2011 (as all above years are odd)Nifty didn't move to Shadjam.

B. Nifty may continue to go down like 2008-9 breaching 3968. In that case steady upmove will be from next Christmas (25th December, 2012)only since Rahu/Ketu remains in Scorpio/Aries till that date. That period is very important as present Mayan era (5126 years) ends and new era begins.

Let us wait and see.

Sunday, November 28, 2010
"Ma" of "Pa Hi Ma" (Elliot's corrective waves ABC) ?

On Friday(26-11-10)Nifty closed at 5752 with a loss of 48 points, in M2(Prati Madhyamam Low: 5464, Centre:5642 & Top: 5797). Off course, there was 100 points up move from 5690 to 5812 due to exceptional Friday effect as anticipated. Nifty spot range was 5690 - 5839 where as Nifty futures range was 5727 - 5867. For other details please refer table above. Agni level for tomorrow is at 5737.

The following are wild thoughts. It may or may not happen. However, writing it as feeling is high due to the planetary positions now(see the chart below)- all planets congregate around angles 0, 90, 180 and 270 angles which linked together will draw a cross(+) which is very damaging to the market and also to the whole world. On the above basis it it felt that market after touching a low of 5642 may move up to 5797 or to 5952 and start to fall fast and may move to 2008 lows. "Pahima" in Sanskrit means "save me".If we consider the Nifty move from 6357 - 2252 as "Pa" (corrective wave A)and 2252 - 6339 as "Hi" (wave B) then "Ma" (wave C)has started downwards from 6339 and it may move down to 2252 or more than that. (If Nifty had crossed 2008 high of 6357 this theory would have been invalidated). In April/May of odd years ( 2005, 2007, 2009 etc) Nifty usually moves to S (Shadjam), and in April/May 2011 either it should move to 3968 or 7936. The chances of 3968 cannot be ruled out. Don't be in panic. It's just a feeling and it may take time. Use your favorite TA tools also to trade profitably.

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Hurst cycle , Rahu and the sky signals

Last week when Nandi returned home after an evening walk, wife asked him to clear the bundle of papers lying in the corner of the table for a long time. While sorting out the papers, Nandi came across a paper cutting titled "Grahasangamam" (planetary congregation)in popular Malayalam daily "Mathrubumi". The date of the paper was 6th February, 2009 and it reminded the period when Nifty was at minimum and checking on data it was found that Nifty low was at 2539 on 6th March, 2009. The paper cutting high lighted the most beautiful view in the sky on coming together of Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon in the Eastern sky just before Sun rise during the period up to April. At that time Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Rahu was in Capricorn. Mercury was nearby in Sagittarius.
On checking the planetary positions on coming months it is seen that during the period from 17th November to 20th November 2011 Sun, Venus, Mercury and Rahu will be in Scorpio and Saturn in nearby Libra. On 21st November Venus will be moving to next constellation Sagittarius. New Moon will be on 25th November and Full Moon on 10th December 2011.
These dates coincide with the 80 week cycle in Hurst cycle theory posted by our friend Shri.Princely.K.Mathew (he is from Kottayam and now working in USA)in his blog "theindianmarketblog" (given as 3rd link on the left side). Extract from his post dated Sunday, September 18, 2011 : "The last 18 month nest of lows came in June end. And the last 40 week low came in March mid time frame. And the last 20 week low came on August 9th. Right now we are in the last 20 week cycle within this 80 week cycle and also with the 4.5 and 9 year cycles. Time frame for the projected 9 year nest of lows shows as around the last week of Dec. But it may extend also. Will see as we get closer. As mentioned before, we got the first 2.5 week cycle low last week Monday/Tuesday in this last 10 week cycle before a major low which expected in November mid time frame."
Since Rahu takes 18 years to complete one cycle and stays 566 days in one Rasi, 9 years, 4.5 years 80 weeks are related to it. As Carnatic music has Sruti(frequency) and Laya(time)factors Nandi was searching for time factor in market. As Sun and Moon has no retrograde and Rahu-Ketu moves in reverse direction only the time factor of market may be related to these astro objects since time doth not run backwards. While posting "Ma of PaHiMa" on 28th November 2010 the time frame was not clear. Now, the feeling is that since "Na Ma Shi Va Ya" (the present bull run)started in April 2003 "Pa Hi Ma" may end in first quarter of 2012 on completion of 9 year period(Rahu-Ketu are two ends of an axis and on 9th year Rahu/Ketu reaches where Ketu/Rahu was). The positive aspect is you can invest confidently when sky exhibits its beauty magnificently. The investment made in February/March 2009 might have got high returns during the up move from March 2009 to November 2010. So, wait for the sky signals for investment.

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