Thursday, May 5, 2011

For the attention of SEBI

Today(5-5-11)up to 13:00 Nifty moved in the range 5520 - 5560 frequently crossing yesterday's closing level. Thereafter came the 100 points down move which took Nifty to 5444 which resulted in closing at 5460 with a loss of 77 points, ie. at low of M2(5464) mentioned on Tuesday(3rd May). Nifty futures range was 5573 - 5444, low same as spot indicating the absence of any premium. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 5403 and it seems that the present correction may end @ 5400.

For the attention of SEBI: On 26th April 2011 there was a freak transaction in Nifty futures @ 5393.45, which is 400 points below MiniNifty low @ 5793. From that day onwards Nifty was closing in red for the last 9 days(longest losing streak ever) and now Nifty is approaching "that freak figure". Open Interest of Puts at strike price 5400 is the highest (5,401,300)today. Both these facts indicate that there was a concerted attempt to bring down Nifty to the desired levels by some of the BIG dealers, which is against the interest of common people. To safeguard the interests of retail investors SEBI should investigate the following points and take appropriate remedial measures.
1)How above mentioned transaction took place when there was lakhs of entries?
2)Whether there is any inbuilt in mechanism to prevent such erroneous transactions?
3)Who are the parties to that transaction ? Who(buyer or seller) entered that figure and who benefited. Volume of that transaction? Any action taken by NSE/SEBI.
4)What are the checks to be incorporated in trading software to prevent such transactions in future.


jonak said...

so u mean to say that the markets are definitely coming to 5400 level??

Nandi said...

definitely. may be on next down move.