Tuesday, January 11, 2011

After volatile movement Nifty closes flat

Today(11-1-11) Nifty opened at 5805 with a gain of 42 points, moved in the range Agni level(5794) plus or minus 32 points up to 13.30, moved up to 5843(+ 80 points) exactly at 13.30 and at 15.00 moved swiftly down to 5698 ( - 65 points)to be recovered immediately to 5808. On averaging Nifty closed flat at 5754. Nifty futures range was 5700 - 5842 having a difference of 142 points. As tomorrow's Agni level is at 5678 only (ie. 76 points below today's Nifty closing)Nifty may move upwards.


--- said...


Your analysis style is quite different from the usual. And your prediction was quite correct too.

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Bharat Mudgal

Maheshwari said...

Hello Nandi Sir,

I have a question. Should we initiate trade when Agni level is crossed on intra-day basis or only on closing basis?


Nandi said...

Dear Maheshwari,
Answer to your question is given in the today's post for the benefit of all. In intraday Nifty may oscillate up and down through Agni level many times(see yesterday's chart) and buying and exiting each time will be a loss making proposition. Today's case was different. Nifty opened far above Agni level and declined 100 points. If bought at opening strong confidence in the system is required to hold it, and it is not advisable as a general rule. As per Day Trading Mantra buy generated (three plus) today when NF at 5732 ( NF low of 5712 + 20 points).

Nandi said...

modify "Maheshwari" as "Parikshit"