Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nifty closes below 6200

Today(11-11-10)Nifty opened at 6297 with a gain of 21 points, declined gradually to 6180 and closed at 6194 with a loss of 82 points. During the last three days, though Nifty was below the Agni level significant down move was not there. Today it happened. Nifty futures range was 6321 -> 6209. Tomorrow's Agni level is at 6258.


Devendra said...

Hi Nandi,

You agni level is really a magical number. Can you please help me understand about sun and moon level.
How we can utilize it in day trading.
Appreciate your input on this.

Nandi said...

For day trading use "AGNI BREAKS OPEN PREMIUM" manthra. Please click above words seen left side and you can know the details. Wish you a happy sail.

Sujatha said...


surya almost done :) very nice analysis.

I believe you are one and only giving levels "music based" . I am expecting bounce from here. previously it has happened. donno about today.

Nandi said...

Dear Sujatha,
That level - Soma - was yesterdays (noted that you commented at 1.00 p.m). Today's Soma level was 6044 and we reached 6057. Nifty has to go to 5952 before bouncing. That is the centre of P. If that also slips ........

In Nandi's knowledge also this is the only site where Nifty's levels are worked out on the basis of Carnatic music scales successfully.

Devendra said...

Thanks Nandi,

I went thru "AGNI BREAKS OPEN PREMIUM" manthra article. This would be a sure shot success mantra for day trader.
But this article does not talk any thing about sun and moon level.
Could you please let us know what is the significance these are having in term of day trading.

As per my knowledge , sun might be high point and moon might be low point for the current day. Can one take reverse call on this point on the same day as position.

Please help me understand sun and moon point .

Thanks in advance.

Nandi said...

Hi Devendra,
Soma(Moon) - Surya(Sun) levels are probable Low - High Nifty points. Nifty reaching both will be very rare. Nifty generally take one direction or swing around last day's closing point. Hence nothing mentioned in day trading manthra. Before using this for day trade please do paper trade and confirm that it is working fine. Then do MiniNifty(Lotsize 20) and confirm that it is matching with your mental set up. In the beginning book profits around 50 points.