Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nifty closes at 23x ( 256 x 23 = 5888)

On Friday(17-9-10)Nifty opened at 5881 with a gain of 52 points, moved in the range 5866 - 5898 and closed at 5885 ie. @23x with a gain of 56 points . Nifty futures range was 5861 - 5915. "Nifty may further move to centre of P (5952) or decline from here (since now it is in Ni, Sa, Ri area)" is valid for Monday also. Agni level for tomorrow is at 5953.

Planetary positions today is given below. Sun & Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces( close to 180°), Moon in Capricornus, Venus & Mars in Libra and Mercury in Leo. 23rd is the full moon day and Moon will move to Pisces near to Jupiter. Be cautious.


Sujatha said...

Pisces near to Jupiter - what will be the impact? -ve or +ve or like sometimes we will see exceptional "full moonday" will peak and fall. don't understand but it's always quite interesting wondering about your exact levels. Sir,you remember some "magic nos" long ago discussed in VFM.. nifty closed exactly in that no. 5980 :)

Nowadays TA is not handy..all in OB, -ve div. PCR high, but mkt is not coming down, so i am following this one only.. old is gold:D

thanks for your levels.

Nandi said...

Dear Sujatha,
Moon and Jupiter conjunction on Full Moon day on 23rd. Usually Moon - Jupiter conjunction lifts the Markets. But this time it is full moon day and Saturn close to Sun. Thus it is difficult to predict.
Vipani sangeetham levels are based on carnatic music scales only and happily it matches most of the time. Magic number brought by Sasindranath and extended by Rangarajan sir, right? TA of Ilango sir was very good in this 600 points rally. Sameer's five day chart also very dependable ( last link left side). But, you will ignore them if luck is not with you!!!