Monday, August 18, 2008

Computer system failure

From 16th August onwards Nandi's computer system had trouble in booting. Hence unable to update the figures and upload new postings. Today C partition has been formated and OS installed afresh. But some important settings and files has been missing/lost. It may take a few days to recreate some of the essential files and create settings required. Some postings including the details of Blog Camp Kerala held on 16th August 2008 in the House Boat (owned by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation) floating on the waves of Punnamad Lake, Alappuzha is pending. Nandi will post it in due course.

By going through the Niftly closing point, Agni level, and the %k values of slow stochastic chart, Nandi feels that buying opportunity may emerge on 19th or 20th August.



Om na ma shi vaa ya.
Dear Nandi,
I just visited your blog , for the first time. I am surprised to see this very unique subject.
I am aware of the stock market operations. But it's very intersting to note how you relate music with this. Let me study the posts in detail. I appreciate you for choosing such a unique topic for blogging. I shall get back to you. Thanks.

Nandi said...

Thanks very much Shri Prasannakumar for showing interest in the subject